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Our friends at CEATI International have their 6th annual Vegetation Management Conference coming up soon!
Effective communication with stakeholders is essential for the implementation and acceptance of vegetation management plans. A strategy with long term objectives can satisfy those involved and help achieve multiple budgeting, contractor suitability, and customer service goals. A great deal of data is critical to support any successful vision.

This conference will focus on current technologies for data gathering, strategies for leveraging data, and methods for transferring data between owners and third parties for work management. Effective and efficient data collection is the first critical step. This data must then be coupled with the pertinent information before being shared digitally.

Although their primary responsibility is managing an integrated program, most vegetation management programs are also seeking to reduce their impact on the environment. Climate change is forcing utilities prepare for extreme weather fluctuations and its impact on forest health.


  1. Program Management – Strategic vs Operational Planning
  2. Program Management – Contractor Procurement Strategies
  3. Technology – Data Collection and Prioritization
  4. Technology – Mobile Data Use / Paperless Programs
  5. Environmental Issues – Adaptation Strategies / Risk Mitigation
  6. Environmental Issues – Effective Herbicide Use

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